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Rosemary Citrus Champagne cocktail
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Rosemary Citrus Champagne cocktail

We like it when a cocktail offers us something a bit different. This aromatic, citrus cocktail has got us running to the kitchen to make it already. 

-6-10cm sprigs of fresh rosemary, plus 8 short sprigs for decoration.
-800 ml chilled fresh unsweetened tropical fruit juice.
-½ orange
-About 44–52 ice cubes
-750 ml well-chilled brut champagne.

Using Professional Shears, snip the 6 sprigs of rosemary in half to make a total of twelve 5-cm lengths; place in Classic Batter Bowl.

Using narrow end of a rolling pin, crush rosemary to bruise or break leaves.

Pour fruit juice into batter bowl; using a spoon, press down on rosemary to submerge
it in juice.

Microwave, uncovered, on HIGH 6–8 minutes or until mixture nearly comes to a simmer, stirring once halfway through. 

Carefully remove the bowl and leave to stand in a larger bowl of cold water (ensure water only comes halfway up sides of batter bowl, to avoid overflow); leave to infuse
and cool 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut orange into 4 slices and then in half again. 
Remove the batter bowl from water bath. Strain cooled fruit juice mixture through large Stainless Mesh Colander into Stainless 6-Liter Mixing Bowl; discard contents of colander. Add 20 ice cubes to bowl; mix gently.

Slowly add champagne to avoid overflow and stir. Carefully place 3–4 ice cubes into each glass. Pour drink into glasses over ice to chill completely. Decorate rim of each glass with a slice of orange and a short rosemary sprig.

Serve immediately.

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