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If you seriously want to lose weight but find adhering to an exercise and diet regime by yourself too challenging, booking yourself on a fat-fighting holiday could be the answer. There are courses throughout the UK: Prestige Bootcamp in Bristol offers a week of fitness-enhancing activities with ex-military personal (from £945), while Weight Loss 4 Life in Northern Ireland offers a broad range of exercise, life coaching and cookery classes (from £499) while in Scotland The Camp now has two sites as well as a Spanish center providing instruction from former UK special force military instructors (from £995). Kickstart now has two centers, a bootcamp in Birmingham but if you want to indulge yourself head to their luxurious fit camp in Ipswich where you can get fit in idyllic surroundings (from £1495).

FitFarms prides itself in not having a bootcamp approach. Its centers are set in two picturesque locations – the Peak District and Devon. They have a team of health, nutrition, fitness and psychology experts and aim to help to permanently change residents’ attitudes to food and exercise. The specially-prepared healthy diet combined with the intensive eight-hour daily cardiovascular exercises can mean a rollercoaster experience for residents battling with the extreme changes from their previous lifestyle. Fun is an important element in the program and residents can trial exercise classes from hiking to line dancing. The average weight loss after one week's stay at the center us 8lb 3oz and the record stands at 19lb 7oz.

Beverley Nothman,45 is convinced that her two visits to FitFarms have transformed her eating and lifestyle ways.  “I exercise around five-six times per week now and I eat healthily," Beverley told us. " I’m now down to my target weight of 8st 2lbs. It’s just my way of life now to keep fit and eat well and I’m the last person I ever thought would have achieved this as I was so anti-exercise. I couldn’t understand why people ran or went to the gym but now I know it is the only way to stay fit. I originally went because I wanted to lose weight but now I just feel so much better, I have so much energy and feel so good, there is no way I would stop what I’m doing now. It was life-changing for me; it is the best thing I have ever done.”


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Article Plan Weight Loss Holidays
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