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Your Five Body Commandments

Your Five Body Commandments

-Choose Endurance Sports.  Gentle, regular exercise, of at least 40 minutes a time is the best way to keep fit, with endurance sports like walking, swimming, cycling and running, which make the body dig into its stores of fat.
-Massage.  All-over body massages are not only a great stress-buster, but will also boost circulation and help shift cellulite.
-Get Creative with Exercise.  Improve your body image with a form a creative expression which will get you fit at the same time.  Try dance, theater, or anything else that increases body awareness and helps you to feel at ease with your body
-Move More.  A sedentary lifestyle is partly responsible for excess weight, so walk or cycle whenever you can, take the kids to the swimming pool, garden, DIY, in fact do anything rather than slumping on the sofa in front of the television or computer! 
-Massage Yourself.  Learn to love your body by spending time pampering yourself.  Twice a week, treat yourself to a good body scrub, before applying a moisturizing body lotion.  Massage areas of cellulite daily, with a firming cream.


Sarah Horrocks
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