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Your Five Body Commandments

Your Five Body Commandments

-Relax and Recharge.  A build-up of fat on the abdomen is partly due to sluggish circulation between the upper and lower body.  The cause: stress!  To get rid of a Buddha belly, try yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques alongside regular exercise.
-Breathe.  To kick-start your circulation, try this exercise every day : place a hand on your lower abdomen, breath deeply in to your diaphragm through the nose, then breathe out, completely emptying your lungs.  Repeat a few times, especially in times of stress.
-Do Sit-Ups.  You need a toned, strong tummy for a wasp waist, so get into the habit of doing sit-ups and other ab-strengthening exercises every morning.  (Firm Abs, Flat Stomach : In Only 30 Days, Anne-Marie Millard, Hamlyn).
-Roll and Massage it Away.  At home or in a beauty salon, rolling and massaging can have a great effect on your waistline and improve the appearance of cellulite.  Grab the fat above your belt and gently roll and massage the flesh between your fingers, alternating with light, clockwise brushing.
-Swim For It.  Swimming is the most effective sport for a refined waist, but if you’re not a fan, try dance, rowing, cycling or golf..


Sarah Horrocks
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