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Your Five Food Commandments

Your Five Food Commandments

-Eat Calmly. There’s nothing worse than eating on the hoof : too much food, swallowed too quickly causes bloating. Sit down at mealtimes and eat slowly and carefully. Take your time to chew each mouthful properly and try not to drink too much at the same time.
-Cook. Ready-made foods are usually loaded with hidden sugars and fats and are over-processed, which is a recipe for disaster when it comes to putting on weight at the abdomen. Cooking can be relaxing and satisfying, so cook your meals from fresh as much as possible.
-Choose Wisely. Tummy enemies are sugars (cut down on cakes, sweets and chocolate) dairy products, (apart from yogurts), pulses, rich sauces and fizzy drinks. Tummy friends are cooked vegetables, lean meat, fish, wholegrain cereals and fruit.
-Eat Like a King in the Morning and a Pauper in the Evening. Granny was right, a pyramid structure is best for your energy needs: eat a hearty breakfast, a good lunch, a small snack mid-afternoon and a lighter dinner for better digestion and a healthier, slimmer you.
-Good Fibers. A flat stomach is a sign of a healthy digestive system. Make sure you eat enough fiber, it will be more easily digested when lightly cooked, so it’s steamed vegetables and soups all the way!


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