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Your Five Body Commandments

Your Five Body Commandments

-Throw Yourself in at the Deep End. Swimming and aquagym will tone your lower body, improve your circulation and reduce cellulite. Otherwise, cycling, walking and roller-blading are great for toning up your hips and thighs.
-Think Lymphatic Drainage.  A great excuse for a monthly massage! The lymph nodes are manually stimulated, with a light pressure to help move the cleansing lymph fluid round the body, to lighten the legs, boost immunity and help improve cellulite.
-Go Cold. To tone your tissue and boost circulation in the mornings, finish your shower with a cold jet, starting at your ankles, working up your legs to your bottom.
-Scrub and Moisturise. Use a body scrub or flannel in a circular motion on your legs, before applying a hydrating body lotion. Massage your legs from ankles to thighs as you go.
-Keep Your Circulation Going. Don’t stay sitting down for long periods, make sure that you stand up and stretch from time to time. Avoid tight shoes and high heels, don’t wear restrictive clothing every day, raise your legs when relaxing, walk regularly…


Sarah Horrocks
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