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A bespoke delivery service which tailors meals to your specific needs (whether that’s losing weight or toning up), you fill out an online profile and Soulmatefood creates a personalized menu for you to follow, including a cheat day (for a glass of wine or meal out with friends).
Sample meals include wholemeal pancakes with no-fat vanilla yogurt and raspberry coulis, chicken koftas with Bombay new potatoes, spinach and butternut squash, seared tuna steak with vegetables and snacks like oatcakes and hummous, an apple and blueberry smoothie and veggie crudités with soy-roasted seed and spicy tomato salsa).
From £25 a day for three meals and two snacks, delivered to your home or office.
 “I tried Soulmatefood as I've put on a stone and I want to shed it in time for my summer holiday. In one week I lost 6lb; it was really easy, delicious and satisfying, and my clothes fit much better. I would definitely do it again if I wanted to lose some weight.”
Lara Stone, 25, West London, PR
Expert Testimonial
Lisa Wulf
“The good thing is they do offer different packages at different price ranges which I think is great, and they also don’t purely focus on weight loss but instead offer a range of 'focuses' whether you want to detox, lose weight, are an athlete or are just looking for a healthy balanced diet."

"They also offer intolerance testing as part of their services to rule out any food intolerances, such as wheat or dairy, and dietary supplements which enables them to tailor the delivery diet even more to each client – highlighting that they're not purely focusing on cutting down the calories like a lot of other delivery diets do but more on providing a healthy, well-balanced diet for this special client.”

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