Top delivery diets to try


Choose from Bodychef’s Premier plan, Vegetarian plan, Low GI plan, Detox plan, Superfoods plan and Flat Belly Diet - they offer between 1,000 to 1,600 calories a day and last from three days to a week.

With eight menus to choose from on each diet there is plenty of variety, like the quinoa pilaf with almonds and mixed leaves, stewed plums with soya yogurt, spinach, rocket and avocado salad and fruit with honey, mint and lime that you’ll be eating on the Detox plan.
Food is delivered twice-weekly and the diet is available nationwide. The Flat Belly Diet is £50 per hamper, the Low GI, Veggie and Premier hampers are £95.98 per week and the Superfood plan is £96.98 per delivery.
“Love the food, love the service! A sensible healthy diet that leaves nothing out. No extremism.”
Annie Cunnington, Lowestoft
Expert Testimonial
Yvonne Bishop-Weston:
“The Bodychef Detox Diet would have the student nutritionists at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in Richmond quivering with delight. Throw in a substantial mid-morning and afternoon snack and it's almost enough to live on. It's all packed in takeaway boxes and cartons so you just have to resist the temptation to pop it in the microwave and take a few more seconds to gently warm it in a stainless steel saucepan.”

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Article Plan Top delivery diets to try
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