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Raw Fairies

Raw Fairies

The UK’s first raw food delivery service operates on the principles that detoxifying the body with a cleanse can bring about rapid and significant health benefits. You start off with a full raw food menu and then go down to lighter eating and finally a pure juice fast.

The diet is free from meat, fish, dairy, wheat, gluten and processed sugar - instead, you’ll be drinking smoothies (mango and ginger with chocolate nibs or kiwi, banana, spinach, chlorella and spirulina, for example) and eating veggie noodles in tamarind sauce, Hawaiian pizza on two-seed onion bread and greens and sprouts with balsamic dressing. The cleanse is recommended over five or 12 days and includes supplements designed by a nutritionist.
Prices start from £109.50 for three days, while the five-day cleanse is £295 and the 12-day cleanse is £695. Deliveries are daily and only for London-based customers.
"Despite my two-year old waking at all hours this week, I feel fantastic, my skin in glowing and I have definitely lost weight."
Amice, 33, media professional, London
Expert Testimonials
Yvonne Bishop-Weston
“Not for the faint-hearted. If your diet is normally KFC with a McDonald’s appetizer, then dessert at Pizza Hut, you and your digestive system may well struggle at first. This is bursting with raw unadulterated nutrients but if you are used to eating more than a catwalk model you may be left a little ravenous.”
Lisa Wulf
“Choosing a raw food delivery diet could cause digestive problems in people whose digestive system doesn’t function properly due to lack of digestive enzymes or a healthy gut flora, so this might be something to take into consideration before choosing this type of delivery diet.”

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