Top delivery diets to try

Top delivery diets to try
Top delivery diets to try

Dieting can be stressful which is perhaps why delivery diets are becoming more popular, Jennifer Barton investigates the diet deals that leave the food prep stress to others.


As anyone who’s spent an afternoon stirring cabbage soup on the stove can attest, dieting is often a lot more stressful than just steering clear of those chocolate biscuits. Now, however, thanks to all of the delivery dieting options available, you can have delicious, healthy meals arriving at your doorstep every day - and leave all of the prep work and hassle to others.
Whether you’re looking to detox after all of those summer festivals or tone up before the winter hols, here are some of our top picks for delivery diets. Be warned: some of these diets are costly, so make sure you’re ready to commit before you sign up.
“Delivery diets are certainly very convenient and you don’t have the stress of what to eat, what to buy and how to prepare, which saves a lot of time and energy,” says nutritional therapist Lisa Wulf. “Delivery diets aid weight loss through controlled portions, but my issue is that depending on which delivery diet you choose, they don’t educate you about food long-term and the transition from ‘diet’ to ‘real life’ can be very difficult. They also don’t look at the underlying cause of why you gained weight or are not able to shift weight, which could be due to imbalances in your body as well as your relationship to food.” So do your homework if you’re really looking to make a lasting change.
“Expert nutritionists are on the whole most likely to reject the notion that seriously restricting nutrients and calories that contain abundant nutrients is a good idea,” warns Nutritional therapist and founder of Foods for Life Health and Nutrition consultancy, Yvonne Bishop-Weston. “It's not necessarily how much food we eat but the type of food that is more of the problem. There is far too much nutrient-depleted, processed, refined, chemical-laden rather than vitamin-laden food finding its way into our shopping baskets.”
Also, don’t forget about exercising as part of a balanced lifestyle. According to Lisa Wulf, “Regular exercise also reduces the risk for several diseases including heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension and it promotes bone health and can help people to deal better with stress.

Exercise is a mood booster due to the chemicals it releases in the brain called endorphins which gives you an overall feeling of well-being - very beneficial not only when on a diet regime. For anybody on a very strict diet regime or juice fast I’d recommend exercising on a lower profile and choosing gentle exercises such as yoga, walking or pilates instead of cardio exercise. People on a strict diet or fast need to be very careful as over-exercising can cause headaches, dizziness or vomiting and the body can only handle a certain limit of detoxification.”

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