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Go for carbs over sugar in your diet


Today, concentrate on eating less sugar.

Why? Sugar stimulates insulin production and increases your appetite for calorific foods like chocolate, biscuits and sweets.

It also encourages fat storage and makes the liver work harder, which disrupts the digestive process.

How? If you have to have a sugar hit, don't just binge on cake: opt for low GI carbs instead, such as a slice of wholemeal bread, rice cakes or oat biscuits. 

Remember that processed food has the same effect as sugar on the body, so avoid it like the plague. 

Fruit is also high in sugar, so eat a few walnuts, almonds or seeds with your fruit to minimize the effects. And sweeteners tend to make you crave sugar, so go for maple syrup or honey instead: they may contain more calories, but they're healthier.


Sarah Horrocks
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