Enjoy your food, treats, enjoy eating

Enjoy your food, treats, enjoy eating

There's absolutely no point in depriving yourself of everything you like: living like a hermit is the quickest way to depression! Learn to enjoy your treats: as long as you control them, there's no crime in the odd indulgence. 

-Choose your treats wisely. See our calorie counter, scrutinize food labels and nutritional information and get clued up about what treats are better for you. There's a big difference between a chocolate doughnut and a crème caramel, a four cheese pizza and a vegetarian one, a chunk of cheddar and a helping of cottage cheese. These little things can tip the scales the right way or the wrong way.
-Even out your treats. A mammoth ice cream or a big plate of chips once a fortnight is OK; just not every day! One or two treats a week is plenty. 
-Make up for the odd slip. If you're invited to a dinner party, you go out for a heavy meal, or you just can't resist a bar of chocolate, the world isn't going to end. Compensate at your next meal by having an uber-healthy serving of hard-boiled eggs, lots of veg and fat-free fromage frais for pudding.


Sarah Horrocks
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