Montignac method, slimming diet, losing weight

Montignac method, slimming diet, losing weight

20 years ago, Frenchman Michel Montignac was one of the first people to link hyperinsulinism with weight gain and he introduced the notion of the glycemic index into weight loss methods. His internationally renowned theory has more than 25 million converts worldwide.

The main principle of his method is choosing foods according to their specific qualities and metabolic potential:
> carbohydrates in relation to their glycemic index (preferably low or very low, i.e. lower than 50),
> fats in relation to the type of fatty acid (preferably polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated),
> proteins in relation to their origin (vegetable or animal).

The method is also based on combining certain types of food, while making sure that other types of food are never eaten together.

In practical terms, there are two phases to this diet: an initial slimming phase and a second stabilizing and preventative phase. Although the results vary according to the individual, weight loss should be around 4 - 5kg per month.


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