Stabilising weight after a diet

Stabilising weight after a diet

Stabilizing your weight after a diet is the key to keeping the pounds off! Heer's how to make sure you stay svelte...

-don't try and lose weight too quickly. Those pounds you lose too quickly are always the first to creep on again! Take your time, even if your diet lasts a little longer than his. 
- carry on eating lots of fruit and veg. 5 portions a day doesn't just apply when you're on a diet! 

- even if you lose weight easily, don't stop your diet too quickly. You need to reintroduce fatty cheese, fatty meat and sauce-based dishes gradually back into your diet (don't have them more than once a week to start with!). You need to change your overall eating habits both during and after a diet, not go back to your old unhealthy ones. Keep your cheese, cake and alcohol intake down, and keep drinking lots of water little and often, even if you're not used to it! 

Both of you: the best thing to help your stabilization phase is to exercise, together if you're at the same level, and separately if not. And set aside some time each week for exercise, otherwise you'll always find something more urgent to be getting on with!


Sarah Horrocks
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