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The Food Doctor’s Everyday Diet is very different to other diets. In fact, Ian Marber who came up with the idea doesn’t call it a diet at all, it’s just a new way of eating.

The diet isn’t about losing weight quickly either, it’s better than that. It’s about losing weight...forever!

So instead of yo yo dieting, losing weight and putting it back on as soon as you stop eating well, The Food Doctor Everyday Diet changes your way of eating - and your figure - long term. If you want to kick start your weight loss, you can try the month-long diet .
It’s all about eating the right stuff and eating it often, so you’ll never be hungry and always have lots of energy.

You eat low GI food, protein and carbs with every meal and plenty of good fats! It’s also a really healthy way to lose weight. Is it the best diet ever? It sounds pretty good to us.


The diet is based on 10 basic principles called Eat Better Forever, follow these and you’re sorted.

1. Combine Food
Every time you eat, have complex carbs, like grains and pulses, with proteins, like chicken and fish. Together they break down more slowly - so no energy lulls and no hunger.
2. Stay Hydrated
Herbal teas, juices, soups – they all help your body to function well. Avoid carbonated drinks though.

3. Mix and Match
Variety is the spice of life! Try a new food every week to keep motivated to eat well.

4. Little and often
Three meals a day leads to energy highs and lows. Eat little and often to keep energy levels up.

5. Start Smart
Always eat breakfast to kick-start your digestion. Whatever you have, don't forget to add protein, like seeds, yogurt, peanut butter or an egg.

6. Cut it out
Sugar makes your energy levels soar and fall, try to cut it out as much as possible.

7. Exercise
Regular exercise helps your body to function – anything from a walk to a gym workout. Keep it varied so you don’t get bored.

8. 80:20
You can't be good all of the time. As long as you are good 80% of the time, you can stray 20% of the time, guilt free!

9. Stop to eat
Stop working when you eat and chew properly. Focusing on your food helps you to enjoy it more and chewing helps digestion. 

10. Love fat
Essential or omega fats that are in oily fish, olive oil and nuts are important – they convert food into energy, so eat them! Avoid saturated and hydrogenated fats though.

What you eat depends on how your body works, everyone is different, but here’s an average day.

Breakfast: Muesli, nuts and yogurt

Mid-morning snack: Rye bread or oat cakes with goats cheese.

Lunch: A palm sized portion of canned tuna with a small portion wholewheat pasta and a large palmful of mixed veg – a spring onion, a small sweet pepper, two tomatoes, two mushrooms and a quarter of a courgette would work well.

Mid afternoon snacks: 
A nectarine with six brazil nuts (never forget that protein!)

Haloumi and stir-fried vegetables

Plus Points
There are three mega plus points for this diet. First, you won't be hungry. Second, you're allowed to stray every now and then. Third, it sorts out your energy levels too!

And if that wasn't enough, it can be adapted to help treat various health complaints, including digestion problems, food intolerance, hormone imbalances and even infertility. 

Very sugary foods are meant to be avoided as they give energy highs and lows, so it’s not ideal for those with a seriously sweet tooth. You can eat chocolate, but you're meant to stick to the high cocoa stuff.

Find out more
Recipes, advice and one-to-one consultations can all be found here. The Food Doctor has its very own food shop and The Food Doctor Everyday Diet also has a book with everything you need to know.

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Check out a huge selection of diet plans in our comprehensive Diet A-Z.


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