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Day 5


Day 5

I was quite worried about day 5. Normally you'd expect to keep your activities to a minimum when doing a fast but I'm starting a new job so I have to fly to Paris and do two days of training... while cleansing. Not ideal.

I'm pleased to say even a hectic schedule and crazy hours and lots of trekking about with enormous luggage as well as concentrating on learning a new job, is totally possible while doing the cleanse.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any organic apple juice in Paris.

I had to use whatever I could get my hands on: jus de pomme... pretty sure it was made from real apples but can't be 100% sure.

I almost had to resort to getting mushed apple out of a vending machine. They're obsessed with it in France. It's baby food but grown men think nothing of getting a sachet out on the tube!

Anyway, I digress... other than that I just stuck to the system diligently.

I put my 'reg' pill dose down after I very almost "followed through" on what I thought was an innocent guff in the shower! l went to the loo after and the next thing I know... Honestly - it was worthy of a cow!

One minute nothing, the next minute a whole load. Grim. But felt good afterwards! Although I was suspicious of my bowels after that so I decided one pill was enough.
Anyway I've now decided to go back up to 2 because I seem to have gummed up a bit. Apparently this is quite normal and I should try and drink more water - I already go through about 2 liters but hey-ho - and take more 'reg' pills and if that doesn't work they suggest I use an enema bag, whatever that is!

Don't fancy finding out. I suppose the slow down could also be down to lack of sleep and stress but you know weirdly - the cleanse appears to have chilled me out quite dramatically. I have lost a fair amount of common sense (I forget to put my phone away before trying to pick up bags with my hands already full etc) but I'm calm and in control in everything else. I haven't even turned into an evil bitchy hungry monster which I kind of foresaw...


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