Fasting cleanse | Detox fast diary


Fasting cleanses might be controversial but a detox fast can really help you to look and feel fabulous.

Fasting isn't about starving yourself and you should only fast by following a carefully constructed detox program.

It can be very dangerous to just stop eating altogether so make sure you choose a detox fast kit that you trust. Read reviews and don't take any chances.

I'm doing a Colon Cleanse to ensure maximum bikini body readiness and a boost to my immune system for my up-coming nuptials.

Follow my detox fast diary for all the gory details that fasting cleanses entail... I wouldn't read this if you're eating!!

Fast Detox: Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Review

(Blessed Herbs - £74.99 from Blue Herbs)

My mate Anna talked me into this as she did it about six months ago and LOVED it.

Anna reckoned she felt amazing afterwards and lost a stone. A stone!! I know you shouldn't really do these things for weight loss purposes but aside from the advantages in health and wellbeing, a good bod is surely something to celebrate.

For reference I'm kicking this off with a weight of 58.2kg / 9.1 stone. I'm 5"2 before you go getting all "ohhh, but that's so light anyway" on me. I'm WELL into my healthy weight and BMI and if I'm not careful will be tipping into the overweight category if I don't ease up on the cheese burgers. Not great bikini territory at all.
© Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse fast - Fasting cleanse | Detox fast diary
© Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse fast

Anyway... this fast. It does involve me not eating for five days and instead consuming regular quantities of weird herbs and apple juice to flush my system though. Yeah, it's basically fasting. I'm doing a full on detox fast! Eeeek.

Basically the mixture binds with the goo that's built up inside your intestines and then combined with other herbal pills (which are essentially herbal laxatives) "passes" the stuff out the other end.

Apparently the goo (known as mucoid plaque) makes it harder for vitamins and minerals to be absorbed by your body - though there's hot debate as to whether or not this is the case, and indeed whether mucoid plaque exists at all.

Still, in other words I am going to spend the next four or five days poo-ing weird stuff in the name of good health. It isn't diarrhea though, it's just soft and frequent. Gross.

I told you, don't eat while your reading this!

Day 1 - Detox fast

Had to cut down my meals to 3/4 of what I normally consume to get used to not eating - I was rubbish at this stage. Diligently took my "helps keep you regular" pill just before dinner and then two hours later, a jar of apple juice/herb mix - no ill effects to report.

You mix the Herb packet (which tastes of ginger) with half a glass of Apple Juice (which has to be organic) in a jar that they give you and drink the lot. Then you fill the jar up with mineral water and drink that straight after.

Day 2 - Detox fast

Supposed to only eat 1/2 the usual amount today. And it should all be vegan and organic. I tried. Had an Indian thing for dinner though which may not have been so clever. Took just one "keeps you regular" pill this evening because today I "went" every few hours so perhaps I have a healthier bowel than I imagined. Hmmm...

At this stage they recommend you find the right balance of these herbal laxatives to keep you steady - everyone's different. In the worst case you could be boshing 15 + pills but that's extreme. I'm not constipated so one is enough for me.


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