Fad Diets: The ones to avoid
8-Hour Diet
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8-Hour Diet

What it’s all about:

This diet promotes something all those wishing to lose weight want to hear: all you can eat. For eight hours a day, you can eat as much as you want of any food you want, from ice cream to chips. But, for the rest of the day, you fast.

The diet was created by Men’s Health editor-in-chief David Zinczenko, and his book, The 8-Hour Diet, does contain some interesting, if still crude, research, but as with many of the diets on this list, it does not offer a sustainable, long-term solution to weight loss.

Celebrity followers:

It may not have been out all that long but already Jennifer Love Hewitt has given the 8-hour diet a go.

Why to avoid it:

One major problem with this diet comes in its tagline: "Watch the pounds disappear without watching what you eat." To be honest, what you choose to eat is much more important than when you choose to eat it. Another problem comes with the idea of fasting for an extended period of time, as you do in this diet and the Breatharian diet.

Fasting for such an extended period of time puts the body under stress, and while you lose some weight, that is mostly from a loss of water, not fat. On top of all of this, once again, this diet is just not sustainable for lifelong dietary change.

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