Fad Diets: The ones to avoid
Dukan Diet
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Dukan Diet

What it’s all about:

The Dukan diet, created by former French General Practitioner and Nutritionist Pierre Dukan in 2000, is like most low carbohydrate diets; it promotes the ability to eat all the food you want as long as it is on the approved foods lists.

Approved foods include lean protein and oat bran and are combined with a daily 20-minute walk. The diet has four separate phases, Attack, Cruise, Consolidation, and Stabilization, and a large online community of support.

Celebrity followers:

The fabulous Kate Middleton and her mother have both followed the Dukan diet.

Why to avoid it:

In 2013, diet creator Pierre Dukan was banned from practising as General Practitioner in France, and he himself has warned of the diet’s effects, such as a lack of energy, constipation, the need for vitamin supplements, and even some bad breath. Yuck.

The Dukan Diet website even mentions diet users experiencing diarrhea, muscle cramping, and trouble sleeping. With a list this long of negative side effects, is this diet really the route to take to lose weight?

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