Fad Diets: The ones to avoid
Five-Bite Diet
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Five-Bite Diet

What it’s all about:

This diet, created by Dr. Alwin C. Lewis, centers around something we support wholeheartedly: portion control. But the five-bite diet takes the concept too far for your health and sanity.

The premise is that followers only eat five small bites of food for lunch or dinner; it seems they’ve forgotten about breakfast all together. To stave off those inevitable hunger pains, the diet suggests drinking large amounts of water between meals.

Celebrity followers:

Anne Hathaway followed a similar diet of only 500 calories for her role in Les Miserables where she played poverty stricken Fantine. That should put it in perspective.

Why to avoid it:

Like many of the diets on this list, the five-bite diet is simply not a sustainable option. Like most fad diets, this diet will not give you long-term weight-loss solutions, only major hunger pangs between meals.

Once you become hungry enough or choose to end your diet, you will almost immediately boomerang back into old eating habits, and gain most of your weight back. Rather, follow the diet's one good principle, portion control, as a general change to your lifestyle.

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