Fad Diets: The ones to avoid
Mono Diet
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Mono Diet

What it’s all about:

The mono diet is one of the simplest diets of all. You choose one foodstuff, generally a fruit or vegetable, and exclude all other foods from your diet - that's it. Fans of cleansing and fruit buffs alike admire the mono diet, but despite all this, it is not a sustainable way to lose weight.

Celebrity followers:

According to sources Jennifer Aniston is a fan of mono-dieting, supposedly eating the same Cobb salad every day for the 10 years she played Rachel in Friends. That's a lot of commitment.

Why to avoid it:

While you may love eating your favorite fruit or veg for a short period of time, this is certainly not a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off. Michelle Hastie from Total Body Health Solutions sums it up well, “The dieting industry will tell you that you must make their diet your new lifestyle.

"However, what they don’t tell you is that if you wanted to eat 'no carbs' for the rest of your life then you would have naturally chosen that path.”

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