Fad Diets: The ones to avoid

Fad Diets: The ones to avoid
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Fad Diets: The ones to avoid

The new year is the perfect time to drop those pesky holiday pounds and become a healthier, fitter, you. But before you go into January weight loss mode, you need to be aware of all the fad diets floating around. 

Megan Ware, registered dietitian and owner of a weight loss practice in Dallas called Nutrition Awareness, warns us of the risks of fad diets.

"Fad diets only work in the short term, not for long term loss," Megan says. "Anyone can stick to a packaged diet for a few weeks but most people go back to their old eating habits once they get tired of dieting. Of course you are going to lose weight following a plan when you're probably taking in less than 1000 calories per day, [but] what have they really learned by following it?"

To help you in your New Year's weight loss endeavors, we've compiled a list of all the fad diets to steer clear of. Some of them are ill-advised and some are downright dangerous, so to make sure you lose weight and keep healthy, take a look a this avoid list. 

For healthier weight loss options, check out our Diets section!

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