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The lemon juice diet - does it really work?


Does the lemon juice diet really work?
The lemon juice diet - does it really work?

Reviewed by Lauren Mills,

What is the lemon juice diet?
We have Naomi Campbell to thank for drawing attention to this extreme, liquid-only detox back in May.

She claimed to replace meals with a cocktail of Maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water for a few weeks at a time, three times per year.

But at a mere 600 calories per day, what are the consequences of such an radical form of weight loss?

Does the lemon juice diet really work?

I lasted for a day on this diet and I want to know how Naomi, Gwyneth and Beyonce manage it.

If wasting a ten-quid bottle of Maple syrup wasn’t torture enough, then come the dizzy spells, anger at the human race and general feeling of lackluster to finish you off.

After a restless night’s sleep caused by the intense hunger pains, I raced to the kitchen the following morning for a steaming bowl of porridge, minus the Maple syrup.

I agree that having a liquid meal can be time saving; an easy way to get all the vitamins and minerals you need in a flash. But I’m talking the likes of a thirst-quenching carrot, apple and ginger juice or a banana-nut smoothie.

This sorry excuse for a diet offers practically nothing in the form of nutrition- no protein, fiber and insignificant amounts of vital nutrients.

Can you lose weight on the lemon juice diet?
well, it's not eating so of course you'll lose weight... I gathered from its famous fans that my figure would bear no resemblance to a melon, or a cauli(flower).

But after one measly day, I was left with a slightly sour, positively burning taste of melancholy in my mouth. You might lose weight initally but this diet is not good for you!

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