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The Dukan diet - does it really work?


Does the Dukan diet really work?
The Dukan diet - does it really work?

Reviewed by Lauren Mills,

What is the Dukan diet?
Established by French Dr Dukan and similar to Atkins, this diet focuses on high protein consumption and the elimination of carbohydrates.

First, it’s nothing but fat-free dairy and lean meat for 10 days.

Then you can eat unlimited amounts of veg alongside your protein but only on certain days, until you reach your goal weight.

The idea is then to reintroduce carbs and eventually all foods- except on Thursdays, which must be protein-only forever.

Does the Dukan diet really work?
I’m not the biggest meat fan as it is, but I thought I’d be OK eating plenty of eggs, fat-free yogurt and fish for the initial “attack” phase instead.

As promised, the high levels of protein kept me full so I was free from nasty hunger pangs. But my body felt sluggish from struggling to digest the lonely protein and I missed the fresh taste of fruit.

However, it was the resulting low moods and bad breath that was so disturbing. I couldn’t even face the kitchen to cook and my strict eating plan meant socializing was out of the question.

Fortunately a rainbow-colored assortment of veg on the ‘unlimited vegetable’ days picked me up a little! I still hankered for fresh lettuce though.

Interestingly, Dukan recommends 20-30 minutes walking every day which would have been lovely if I’d had the energy to do it.

Can you lose weight on the Dukan diet?
Yes you can. I did lose a significant amount of weight - a staggering 6 pounds in the attack phase and I have no doubt that it would have continued if I’d stuck to the plan - unfortunately, for me, it was just too hard.

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