Profile: Dukan Diet


 - Profile: Dukan Diet
Your lifestyle: You think you've got the balance just right. You like organic products, you love fruit and veg, you cook regularly and you do a lot of sport.

So why then do you need to shift some weight? Your excess pounds are probably down to trying too hard to eat well.

Your dietary profile: Through trying to eat well, you sometimes make mistakes. Contrary to what you think, soup isn't always a good idea. Salads drenched in the sauces you find in the supermarket aren't as healthy as you'd think. Neither are cereal bars.

And as you only tend to eat salads and vegetables, you're not getting enough protein and lipids. And when hunger strikes, you munch on bread, cheese or biscuits.

Your goal: To establish a balanced diet without deficiencies so your energy levels don't drop and you don't get snack attacks.

The diet for you: The Dukan Diet will encourage you to eat protein and meat for a balanced diet.

What does this diet involve?
It's very similar to a high-protein diet and is made up of 4 distinct steps that will reduce your appetite and prove that to lose weight, you need to eat a bit of everything!

Your energy levels won't dip because your body draws from its reserves and the meals are rich in minerals and protein.

A typical day
> Breakfast: unsweetened tea or coffee, low-fat yogurts, slice of turkey or a boiled egg or an oat bran pancake.
> Lunch: turkey escalope, fromage frais or oat bran pancake.
> Dinner: chicken liver or a hard-boiled egg, poisson or shellfish, yogurt.

Read more here on how to do the Dukan DIet.

Dukan Diet: calculate your True Weight for free and reach it!

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