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Nutrition for blood group AB


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Only 4% of the UK population is AB and it could be said you're one of the lucky few. You enjoy all the benefits of groups A and B, and you can eat pretty much what you want - as long as you listen to your body, because you also have to cope with certain diet restrictions from both groups.

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Get plenty of easily digestible protein: legumes, soya and fish. Limit your intake of fatty meat.
Keep your dairy intake down (or go for fermented dairy products) and make sure you get lots of veg.

> Want to lose weight fast? 
If you want to drop pounds fast, cut wheat out of your diet and replace it with other cereals. Eat more smaller meals to spread your calorie intake out, but keep your mealtimes regular. It's better to eat little and often. Another tip: eat lots of fruit and kelp algae, which is high in iodine and aids weight loss.

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