The Blood Type diet
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Diet for blood group A: vegetarians


> Your profile. You share your blood group with 42% of the UK 
population. A is most susceptible to stress, which impacts on your eating habits and on your weight. Whether it makes you comfort eat or lose your appetite, stress stops you from breaking your food down properly.

> Nutrition
Cut down on animal produce: meat, cow's milk and eggs aren't the best foods for you. But don't fall into a strict vegetarian diet: you need protein. Get it from oily fish like salmon and also from foods of plant origin (like pulses, all types of soya, nuts and ceeds, cereals, fruit and, obviously vegetables). Have as much of these as you like. Don't miss out on vital protein and amino acids: make sure you eat plant AND vegetable produce at every meal. 

> Want to lose weight fast? 
Combine your new eating program with relaxation techniques to help you learn to let go a bit more. If you're not into yoga, meditation and all that jazz, find other ways to relax:  shopping with friends, chilling in the spa with your other half and whatever helps you zone out and forget your worries.

> See your list of good and bad foods


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