The Blood Type diet
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Diet blood group O: carnivores


> You and your weight
You belong to the most common blood group, along with 44% of the UK population. Your metabolism is quite slow, and you don't break all types of food down the same way. In other words, your friend Jenny may be able to wolf down chips and chocolate tart every day without putting on an ounce, but unfortunately the same doesn't apply to you...

> Nutrition
Red meat is a good foor for you, so eat 100-180g 6-8 times a week. Select meat from animals who have been fed on grass, because their meat contains more Omega 3s than some types of fish. Don't neglect your veggies: remember, a bowl of green cabbage contains as much calcium as a glass of milk. Eat vegetables at each meal, and snack on nuts and seeds. You love fruit for natural sweetness, but don't have too much because you tend to store the sugars it provides. The same goes for cereals and cow dairy products. If you want to lose weight or stay at your target weight, limit your intake of these.

> Tips for speedy weight loss
Your metabolism breaks food down very slowly, so combine your diet with an endurance sport. Walking and swimming are your best allies.

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