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> How can our blood type influence the way we eat? 

It's very simple. The work of nutritionist Dr Peter D'Adamo has shown that certain lectins (proteins contained in foods) are broken down by our bodies in different ways according to blood type. For example, people who have O type blood digest red meat well, but people who have A type blood struggle with it. After years of medical research and research with his patients, Dr D'Adamo came up with a plan for each of the four blood groups, to help people find what type of foods are best for them. 

> Are some blood types more predisposed to weight gain than others? 
In theory, no. People with type O blood may find it harder to lose weight than others because today's processed food contains a lot of wheat and dairy, but I want to stress that this is only down to the processed nature of a lot of the ready-prepared food we eat. Your blood group isn't linked to difficulty losing weight. 

> How should the blood type diet be used for weight loss, in a nutshell?
The blood type diet isn't a slimming diet in the strict sense of the word. It's about a healthy lifestyle. It's not a temporary measure: it's a long-term plan. It's logical that when we eat foods that suit us, we'll feel better and maintain a healthy weight. Many of my patients have achieved dazzling results in very little time, and the results last.


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