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Equip Yourself for Healthy Living

Equip Yourself for Healthy Living

-Non-stick saucepans and frying pans lined with Teflon or sillicone which make dry-frying much easier, allowing you to cook meat and vegetables without adding oil.
-A steamer for tasty, quick meals which are rich in vitamins and minerals.
-A wok with a lid, which cuts down on cooking time and requires less oil.
-A barbecue in summer, grill pan, or grilling machine, for low-fat cooking all year round.
-A roasting skewer, for oven-roasting without the need for added fat.
-A microwave for heating leftovers with needing to add oil in the bottom of a pan.
-A blender for making soups, sauces and juices.


Sarah Horrocks
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