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Vegetable-based desserts


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Vegetables for dessert

Yes, you read it right! Vegetables can work well in desserts as well!

It's so simple: a lot of vegatbles are sweet or contain fibers that give them quite a creamy texture, without being too overbearing in terms of flavor.

Courgette: grated in a cake, it has a soft texture like no other. As a result, you don't need to add as much fat, which makes this a healthy dessert. In the States, "Zucchini Bread", a cake with courgettes, honey and walnuts, is a classic.

Carrot and beetroot: naturally very sweet, these two pair up well together. Their moist and sweet qualities mean that they make very gooey cakes. Carrot cake can be made with coconut, almonds, semolina, etc. Meanwhile, beetroot goes well in brownies or in terrines with apples, for example.

Fennel: its subtle aniseed flavor goes really well with honey. Try a fennel sorbet if you're feeling adventurous, a sweet fennel flan or fennel jam.

Pumpkin and sweet potato: tarts, cakes, jams, flans, fritters, crumbles... pumpkin and puddings are a match made in heaven. The same goes for sweet potato which tastes similar depending on the variety.

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