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Getting children to eat vegetables


© Marmiton/CDe
© Marmiton/CDe
How to get children to eat vegetables

Are your children still averse to cauliflower gratin, leek soup and boiled veg?

Give them something different to try.

Savory pancakes: it doesn't have to be Pancake Day to treat the kids to a pancake or two, but add grated veg (courgettes, potatoes, carrots, spinach, etc.) to the pancake mixture.

Purées: instead of the usual potato purée ("mash" to you and me), add some color to the table with carrot or brocolli purée for example. The kids will be impressed by these colors that usually put them off.

Try adding a triangle of Laughing Cow cheese at the last minute to make the taste more bearable.

Quiches: a classic, with the added advantage that it constitutes a main meal. Use whichever vegetables you like.

Omelets: another complete dish that you can add pretty much anything to.

Stuffed vegetables: they look pretty, they're easy to make and are adaptable to all ages. Stuff them with meat, tuna, a rice or wheat-based filling, etc.

Fritters, samosas and spring rolls: a brilliant recipe idea because children will enjoy eating them with their fingers! And even with ketchup. Aren't they really fattening? Well no, not if you only brush them lightly with oil and cook them in the oven.

Lasagnes: instead of the usual bolognaise, try a lasagne with a difference: goat's cheese and carrots; leek and salmon; or broccoli and tuna, for example.


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