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Leek facts: advice for cooking with leeks


How to cook leek

With two colors and two textures, leeks are pretty special vegetables. The green part is full of fiber, while the white part is a lot more tender.

Nutritional facts
Leeks are good diuretics so they're recommended during "detox" periods. With 27 kcal/100g, they're rich in fiber, Vitamin C and minerals. To get the most out of them, eat the white and the green parts because they don't contain the same nutrients.

Preparation tips
- Braise the leek whites slowly over a low heat so as not to use excessive amounts of butter, or steam them to prevent the loss of vitamins and minerals in the water.

- The green parts need more cooking but when blanched, they are perfect for cooking fish "'en papillote" (food which is folded into a pouch or parcel and then baked).

- The green parts can also be used in leek coulis.

What does it go well with?
In a leek fondue, add a few lemon zests, crème fraîche and white wine. In a risotto, it's wonderful with parmesan.

It's classic but infallible with white meat and white fish. Try it in lasagne along with salmon. And as for cheese, leek goes well with goat's cheese and reblochon.


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