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Caulifower facts: advice for cooking with cauliflowers


How to cook cauliflower

For some people, this big white ball brings back memories of being forced to eat it as a child.

Yet, cauliflower is such a rich vegetable that can be used in a variety of very different recipes - not just smothered in cheese sauce.

Nutritional facts
With 24 kcal/100g and 90% water, cauliflower is all good! Note that 200g of cauliflower cooked "al dente" provides 60mg of Vitamin C (the recommended daily amount is 40mg!)

Its fibers, including pectin, give it a smooth texture that make it wonderful for using in creams and soups.

Preparation tips
- Cook it with bits of bread in the water to make it more digestible and to prevent nasty smells!

- Serve small florets with dips, it'll keep you away from the peanuts!

- It's also amazing in tabboulehs, mousses and flans, or even as fritters!

What does it go well with?
Curry, nutmeg, cumin and cinnamon. Try it with orange zests or crushed hazelnuts. Tarragon, chervil and parsley bring out the best of it. And it also goes really well with salmon and roasted red meats.


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