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Turnip facts: advice for cooking with turnips


How to cook turnip

Turnip? That purply/white veg you throw into your soup when it's the only veg left at the bottom of the fridge? There's more to turnip than meets the eye.

When eaten raw, you'll be pleasantly surprised: it tastes a little like radish. When cooking, leave it to caramelize to give your taste buds a treat.

Nutritional facts
With only 18 kcal per 100g, they're not heavy, yet turnips are full of potassium and calcium. It's loaded with Vitamin C, and even after cooking, it contains 11mg/100g (20mg before cooking).

Preparation tips
- Raw and thinly sliced, it tastes delicious, especially if it's a young turnip. It doesn't need to be peeled.

- Alternatively, when roasted in the oven, simply with oil and a little sugar sprinkled on, it will caramelize slowly but surely.

- Turnips also absorb the taste of stock in broths and couscous-style preparations so their "sponginess" is of interest because if the stock is good, the turnip will be too!

What does it go well with?
Together with honey and duck, turnip creates an explosive trio! Dried fruit, salted cooked meats, thyme and roasted poultry also go well with it. And why not try braised turnips with white fish or pork.

Even Heston Blumenthal includes turnip puree in his Mock Turtle soup dish at the Fat Duck, the 3rd best restaurant in the world - if it's good enough for Heston...


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