Strange superfoods that are good for you
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Amaranth, plant, south america, grain
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Amaranth, plant, south america, grain

Amaranth for a helping hand

What is it?
Amaranth is a South American plant cultivated by the Incas and Aztecs for its seeds. Today, it makes a very tempting meal. You can find it in many health food stores or in the organic section at your supermarket.
Why is it good for me?
This super grain is full of calcium, protein and iron, so it’s just what the doctor ordered. And as it’s gluten free, it’s good for everyone, and helps you get in shape with every mouthful.

What should I do with it?
Cook it in double its volume of water for 20-30 minutes. Then eat it any way you like, the choice is yours. It’s good with both sweet and savory dishes. You could add eggs and vegetables and make Spanish tortillas. Or you could cook it like a risotto, sweet or savory, for an irresistibly nutritious dish.

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