Strange superfoods that are good for you
Hemp, hemp flour, hemp seed oil
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Hemp, hemp flour, hemp seed oil

Hemp for your heart

What is it?
Otherwise known as cannabis, hemp is used to make rope, paper and fuel. And yet it’s edible. Its seeds yield oil and flour that are green in color and taste like grass (the kind on your lawn...not the other kind)! It’s becoming very fashionable in organic cooking. Find it on websites like The Hemp Shop.

Why is it good for me?
Hempseed is naturally rich in omega six and omega three, which is a very rare natural phenomenon. Having hempseed oil is a great way to get your daily amount of omega fatty acids for your cardiovascular system. As for hemp flour, it’s gluten free and full of protein and minerals. Who said hemp was bad?

What should I do with it?
Have fun baking, while adding hemp flour to breads and pastries. Replace 10-15% of the wheat flour and have a go at making pancakes or sweet buns on a rainy day. The oil can’t be cooked, but it’s perfect for seasoning salads, and giving your dishes a health boost – with no stoner side effects.  

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