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Salicorn plant, green bean of the sea, complexion
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Salicorn plant, green bean of the sea, complexion

Salicorn for a peachy complexion 

What is it?
Salicorn is a plant that lives in sea mud. Technically speaking, salicorn and spinach are cousins, although only the second finds its way onto our tables. Other than being nicknamed green bean of the sea, there is nothing delightful about this bizarre plant, so it’s not surprising that we rarely decide to toss it into the frying pan. You can find preserved salicorn in health food shops or fresh at certain fishmongers or oyster farmers.

Why is it good for me?
Salicorn is full of vitamins that give it a cleansing effect. Eating salicorn will flatten your stomach and give your skin a gorgeous peachy glow. Surely that’s worth picking up a forkful?

What should I do with it?
Salicorn is easy going, and simply requires steaming. Make sure you don’t salt it though, because you’ll find that it’s already rather salty. To make it more appetizing, why not serve it with seafood? Salmon, tuna, shrimp, the lot! You can even incorporate it into simple dishes such as risotto or creamy pasta. The sky’s the limit with this ingredient.

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