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Oats, flat stomach
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Oats, flat stomach

Oats for a flat stomach

What is it?
Oats are grains which belong to the grass family, along with corn, rice and wheat. You can buy oats at most supermarkets and newsagents, but for organic varieties, head to Julian Graves and Holland and Barrett.

Why is it good for me?
Underneath their plain and boring exterior, oats have a wealth of properties. The soluble and insoluble fiber that is found in oats will help give you a flat stomach and lower cholesterol. Not bad for a grain.   

What should I do with it?
If you aren’t a fan of porridge, there are loads of other ways to use oats. Mixed or alone, they can replace the flour in most recipes, and are especially yummy in crumbles and muffins. For more savory alternatives try oatcakes instead of bread, they’re delicious with cream cheese and cucumber.

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