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Seaweed detox
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Seaweed detox

Seaweed for detoxing

What is it?
We often associate seaweed with being that green slimy stuff that floats in the sea. However, nutritionists and organic chefs think of seaweed as a sea vegetable that offers variation in daily meals.
You can often find dried and flaked seaweed in Asian grocery stores or health food shops, and sometimes you can order it at your local fishmonger. Don’t be afraid to try it in its different forms, and find one that suits you.
Why is it good for me?
Seaweed is a VIP when it comes to detoxing. It contains minerals that help purify your body, as well as chlorophyll and alginic acid; natural detoxifiers. It also contains high quantities of iodine, which is vital for healthy thyroid function.  Give seaweed a chance and you’ll be doing your body a big favor.

What should I do with it?
Rehydrate dried seaweed, add it to chicken or vegetable broth and pour into a frying pan. With fresh seaweed, carefully rinse three times in water, then cut it to eat raw in salads – if you’re brave enough. The more timid can start by eating it soft, cooked into an omelet, or grilled in seafood pasta. 

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