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Equipment and tips for smoothies

Equipment and tips for smoothies
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Bob from Bob's Juice Bar has the following advice for smoothie-making:

You'll need a good solid blender for making smoothies so you can blend any frozen ingredients, and a juicer if you want to make your own juice.

Obviously you need fruit and veg, but you also might need milk (ordinary or soya), almonds, rice and sugar (preferably unrefined sugar such as honey, maple or rice syrup). Make your smoothie healthier by adding herbs or natural supplements such as yeast, spirulina, guarana or ginseng. And for freshness, use at least one or two fresh or frozen ingredients.

Put all your ingredients into a large measuring bowl and use liquid measures (even for your solid ingredients). For example, if you need 300ml orange juice and 200ml of banana, pour in 300ml of orange juice and add the banana until you get up to 500ml. 

For more info on equipment and recipes, see

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