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 - Pouring yogurt and muesli - it's love
© Rachel's Organic pouring natural yogurt
Rachel’s Organic, makers of truly orgasmic, sorry organic, dairy products, have just released a revolutionary, new pouring natural yogurt.

This mild, lighter textured yogurt is designed to pour smoothly over your cereal and muesli without the additional need for milk.

It's kind of a cross between milk and yogurt and we've tried it - it's genius!

Available in three natural flavors; natural, natural with a hint of honey and natural with a hint of strawberry, the yogurt softens and wets cereal making it the perfect, tastier alternative to milk.

Even the pot is shaped so you can pour it without spilling it everywhere. Rachel's described this as "a pot with a unique spout to aid pouring accuracy". Like we said - genius.

A pot of the good stuff will set you back around £1.19 for 400g. Like all Rachel’s yogurts they provide an important source of calcium and natural vitamins, as well as the health-giving bio-live cultures associated with maintaining a healthy digestive system...

We've discovered that the best way to appreciate Rachel's pouring natural yogurt is with a bowl of Dorset Cereals Muesli. Heaven in a bowl. But if you want something more adventurous then check out these recipe ideas...


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