Eating organic: four delicious recipes
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What is organic farming?
Organic farming doesn’t use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, relying on crop rotation and biodiversity to disrupt pest habitats, and recycling organic matter for fertilization. Genetic modification and genetically modified products are not used either, to give the consumer a natural, wholesome product. Animals farmed for organic meat are raised in humane conditions and fed a natural diet.
How do you know if a product is organic or not?

The word ‘organic’ has a strict legal definition to ensure that farmers don’t use chemicals, including fertilizers and pesticides, that animal welfare is respected, that conservation of the environment is promoted and all UK and EU standards on organic production are met. Look out for the Soil Association logo, which has it’s own stringent guidelines, as well as symbols for DEFRA, Organic Farmers and Growers and the Organic Food Federation.

Where can you buy organic food?
Specialist shops like Holland and Barrett have long stocked organic products of all types, but most UK supermarkets now have an organic section, even some of the smaller ones.


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