Light summer barbecues
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Barbecue Grilling

Barbecue Grilling

There are two ways of making your barbecue favorites a little lighter :

-Cutting down on fats or cutting them out altogether. Exit cream, butter and oil-based marinades, enter lemon juice, mustard homemade tomato sauces and low-fat cream and cream cheese instead. Don’t forget to add plenty of herbs and spices for flavor.

-Adding plenty of vegetables to your meat and fish. Adding chunks of mushroom, tomato, pepper, leeks, courgettes and fruit like pineapple and apple to your kebabs doesn’t just make them look pretty, it also considerably reduces the calorie count. With an average of just 15cal per 100g, vegetables are a great light option, making you feel fuller thanks to their high fiber content and giving you plenty of vitamins and minerals into the bargain. If you want to add slices of ham and cold meat, think fine slices rather than hefty chunks.


Sarah Horrocks
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