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Healthy summer barbecues

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 - Healthy summer barbecues
Summer is here and the smell of barbecue smoke is drifting across the land…  Make the most of your garden and eat outside when you can!

And it’s good news for your figure too, as contrary to many other cooking methods, grills and barbecues are actually good for you.  They don’t involve adding extra cooking fat, which makes them the ideal way to enjoy summer without putting on weight.  

But don’t forget all the crisps, sauces and greasy marinades you eat with it which can push the calorie count through the roof.  So can you really have a barbecue party without worrying about your figure ?

According to French cookery doyenne Sophie Dudemaine, the answer is yes as she shares her expert advice for the perfect afternoon’s outdoor eating, without piling on the pounds.

Take a look at our recipe selection and tips for healthy, tasty kebabs, meats and fish, whether you’re planning a gourmet barbecue or a spontaneous express barbecue on a warm summer’s night.




Sarah Horrocks
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