Passionfruit mousse with raspberry milk recipe

Passionfruit mousse with raspberry milk recipe
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Serves 6
By Canderel

Mousse: 20ml pressed juice (from around 10 passionfruits) - 1 split vanilla pod - 3 sheets gelatin - 200g fromage frais (0% fat) - 6 tbsp Canderel - 200ml liquid cream (20% fat).
Raspberry milk: 125g raspberries (fresh or frozen) - 200ml condensed milk (no added sugar) - 2 tbsp Canderel - 1 tbsp lemon juice.

Make the mousse: Take 200ml passionfruit juice and add the vanilla seeds, scraping them out of the pod with the end of a knife. Soak the gelatin in cold water. Mix 6 tbsp Canderel with the fromage frais. Heat the passionfruit juice and add the drained gelatin, mix into the fromage frais and stir vigorously. Meanwhile, whip the cream until it's very firm and stands up in peaks and add to the fromage frais mixture. Pour into ramekins or a large bowl and refrigerate for a good few hours.
Make the raspberry milk: Pour the condensed milk into a blender along with the raspberries, 2 tbsp Canderel, lemon juice, blend and add a little water to make it slightly more liquid. Refrigerate. Serve together. 


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