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Healthy low-fat dessert recipes


A good case study is

tiramisu. The full-fat
version is a calorie bomb, but light, airy, fruity tiramisu isn't half as sinful. You can get the same fresh, moussey taste for fewer calories if you substitute.

> Fatal mistakes: Desserts made or served with mascarpone, crème fraîche and whipped cream.

> How to cheat: Use light soaked finger biscuits, but replace the mascarpone with ricottalow-fat cottage cheese and gelatin, and top your tiramisu with fruit for extra vitamins.

Our favorite recipes:
- pink wafers, strawberries and natural yogurt
- finger biscuits, peaches and natural yogurt/cottage cheese
- mini cupcakes or fairy cakes raspberries and low-fat cream desserts.

Serve in glasses for a pretty effect and only sweeten to taste.

After more non-guilt-inducing recipes? Try mango moussechocolate creams, and strawberry medley.  

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