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For tasty low-fat recipes, use fine herbs


Flavour your dishes with fresh herbs and you'll be showered in compliments over your fine cooking! Herbs also add heaps of vitamins to your recipes.

Take parsley, which is one of the best sources of Vitamin C there is. Use it in yummy, healthy couscous salad (mix parsley, tomatoes, onions, lemon and a little couscous or bulgur wheat). Go easy on the oil, but add fresh aromatic herbs to your cooking wherever you can.

> Fatal mistakes: Oily dressing, obviously. Heat also kills the taste of basil, coriander and many other lush herbs and spices.

> Tips
Use herbs instead of salt, oil, butter and fatty seasoning. Why not add herbs to your desserts for a surprising change?! Strawberry and basil salad, grilled apricots with rosemary and melon and tarragon soup are just few delicious fruit-and-herb combos.

Serve a herb bouquet as a side dish. A chopped bouquet of all the herbs you have (dill, basil, mint, parsley, chives, rosemary, mint, tarragon and sorrel) makes a great alternative to the same old lettuce. Add a good drop of walnut or rapeseed oil and voilà: a tasty side dish packed with flavor.

Reicpes to try: tabbouleh and vegetable and herb carpaccio.


Sarah Horrocks
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