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Low-fat meat for weight loss


If you're a bit of a carnivore, be careful not to get too much very fatty meat.

> Fatal mistakes: chicken skin and fatty cuts of meat like pork loin or chops, sirloin and lamb.

> How to cheat: here are a few examples of healthy cuts:
- Beef: fillet, flank or skirt, rumpsteak, silverside.
- Pork: fillet, escalope, unsmoked ham.
- Poultry: escalope, fillet, breast and wings.

Lamb and duck are best avoided, but if you really fancy them, go for fillet or leg of duck with the fat removed, or shank or shoulder of lamb with the fat removed. And remember grilling is the best way of cooking meat.

Need inspiration? Try these recipes: beef with paprika, pork in satay sauce and chicken tikka masala.


Sarah Horrocks
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