Cancer-fighting foods: eating to prevent cancer
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Anti-cancer fruits and vegetables


Cabbage © Creatas - Anti-cancer fruits and vegetables
Cabbage © Creatas
Which are the main fruits and vegetables with the maximum amount of anti-cancer properties?

Cabbage: this powerful ammunition against cancer contains enormous amounts of glucosinolates, molecules which have very powerful anti-cancer properties and are only found in the cabbage family.

rich in protein and phytoestrogen.

Garlic and onion: the strong-smelling molecules released by these vegetables have the ability to accelerate the elimination of toxic, carcinogenic substances from the body.

Citrus fruits: a source of Vitamin C, they contain a large amount of monoterpene and flavanones, two types of anti-cancerous compounds.

Cooked tomato: contains lycopene, a pigment that slows down the development of cancer, particularly prostate cancer.

Berries: ellagic acid (in large quantiies in strawberries and raspberries) and anthocyanins (mainly in blueberries) are capable of blocking the activity of two proteins which are essential for the development of cancer.


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